Ed Sheeran plays himself in Danny Boyle's Beatles-plot movie
Apple Music/YouTube

Ed Sheeran has a supporting role as himself in Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle's still-untitled 2019 movie, which is about a singer/songwriter (played by former “EastEnders” star Himesh Patel), who wakes up one day to find out that he's the only person in the world who remembers The Beatles. Sheeran told the Associated Press these details on how his Ed Sheeran character crosses paths with Patel's character in the movie: "I discover him and take him on tour. Then he gets much, much bigger than me through doing stuff. Yeah, it’s very clever." The movie is written by Richard Curtis, whose previous film credits include "Four Weddings and a Funeral," "Bridget Jones's Diary," "Love Actually" and "War Horse."

This isn't the first time Sheeran has played himself in a movie. He had a cameo in the 2013 drama "Pop Star." However, Sheeran told the Associated Press that his role in Boyle's movie is more than just a cameo: "They shot it around loads of my gigs. So it was a very intense two months because I would have four days of gigging and then three days of shooting a film. I was playing myself, so I don’t think I was that bad. There wasn’t much to [mess] up."

As previously reported, Sheeran is the subject of the 2018 documentary "Songwriter," which had its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival before being acquired by Apple Music, which debuted the film on its service on Aug. 28. "Songwriter" had a limited theatrical run in New York on Aug. 17 and in Los Angeles on Aug. 24. Sheeran's cousin Murray Cummings directed the film, which chronicles the making of Sheeran's 2017 album ÷  (Divide).

Sheeran launched a North American stadium tour on Aug. 18 in Pasadena, California, and ends Nov. 10 in Atlanta. In 2019, he has three shows announced in South Africa: March 23-24 in Johannesburg and March 27 in Cape Town.