Ed Sheeran sees health benefits of singing ballads sans beer
YouTube--Entertainment Tonight

Ed Sheeran has millions of faithful fans who couldn't care less about the look of their singer-songwriter crush, as long as he can stand, sing, and create those longing and lilting opines to love that sing into hearts of all genders. When sweatpants became his only suitable attire, however, even the “Thinking Out Loud” composer who pledges, “I'll still be loving you till we’re 70” with his 23 -year-old heart, realized that something had to be done. The now 25-year-old Ed Sheeran initially blamed his metamorphosis on the wash cycle, but in a People magazine feature for Jan. 13, he explained what it took to get back into fighting, feel-good, singing shape, and it was all about the bottle.

More than a few fans have said, “He could just sing my menu,” and they would be satisfied.  It wasn't anything special on the menu that made Ed Sheeran have a larger belly, it was the drink or two, or few, of brews at the pub. “I doubled in size,” says the chart-topping, ginger-haired crooner.  He summoned the discipline to cut out beer, with full revelation that “it was the beer,” and dropped “like 50 pounds.” The exercising “was quite weird,” in the singer’s world, but the process worked.  He wasn't lounging idly in those sweatpants during his 2016 break. He co-wrote “Love Yourself” with Justin Bieber, and gave something a little deeper than mere beats to Major Lazer with “Cold Water.” Now, his album "Divide” (represented in symbol, as with “X” for “Multiply”), is set for a welcome reception on March 3. Sheeran already has “Castle on the Hill” and “Shape of You” (Probably no weight connotation intended, seeing as the tune was intended for Rihanna.) stirring listeners to swoon, and they'll be ready to buy tickets in no time, when Ed Sheeran sees fit to take the stage.

“I jump up and down on boxes. When I finish, I’m drenched in sweat,” affirms Ed Sheeran, explaining why “I'm back on beer” at the moment.  Soon the spotlights and passionate sweats will be all the maintenance regimen necessary.  Hopefully, no battles for the number one spots with Shawn Mendes will come to anything physical, and an occasional shopping trip can provide a little work out.  At any rate, the world will see the slimmed-down Ed Sheeran at his next Grammy appearance.