Ed Sheeran talks weight loss, taking 'gap year' with his girlfriend
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Superstar Ed Sheeran has been making the radio show rounds to promote the release of two new singles, “Castle On The Hill” and “Shape of You” from his upcoming album ÷, which is slated to drop on March 3. He stopped by “The Breakfast Club” on Jan. 12 and chatted with co-hosts DJ Envy and Angela Yee about traveling around the world to places like Ghana, Australia, and Japan with his girlfriend of two years, Cherry Seaborn.

“I did take my girl with me. It was really nice,” Sheeran said. “I don’t know what people do in America. But, when you finish school in England, you take a thing called a gap year where you go traveling for a year. Me and my girlfriend, we both never took a gap year. So, we both took a year off our jobs.  We’re now both back at our jobs, which is quite nice and feel refreshed.”

Seaborn and Sheeran met in high school in England. She was a championship hockey player at Durham University in England, before she came to the U.S. and studied at Duke University in New York.

Sheeran was wearing a loose-fitting red-and-black striped sweater for the interview and Angela Yee commented on his obvious weight loss. Sheeran smiled and said, “I lost like 50 pounds. I doubled in size. I got home and sweatpants were the only thing that fit. I just thought everything had shrunk in the wash but it hadn’t.”

Envy asked how he dropped the weight and he said, “I cut out beer for a bit and started exercising. I didn’t realize how much I burned on stage. I stopped touring and ballooned instantly.”

Yee couldn’t resist asking the “Thinking Out Loud” singer if he’s going to rap on the new album. He said, “On one song I am, actually, yeah. The first track on the album. I wasn’t and then I felt like it was missing it.” He also dished that he’s boxing in the video for the song and it’s got “a really funny ending.”

Sheeran’s distinct and eclectic music style in which he seamlessly infuses rap elements into songs has allowed him to gain fans across multiple genre platforms. It also sets him apart from his pop music peers. He’s also been unique in using math symbols to title his albums. ÷ (Divide) follows his debut album + (Plus) and his Grammy-winning sophomore album x (Multiply).

When asked why he uses math symbols he gave a straight, simple answer, “Because no one else does.”

Sheeran returns to the music spotlight following a year that was shrouded in political turmoil in the U.S. (which he opted not to discuss) and the loss of legendary artists like David Bowie, Prince and George Michael. So, fans, peers and critics alike have celebrated Ed Sheeran’s comeback and even credited him with saving 2017. He smashed global streaming records on Spotify in the first 24 hours of his new singles' release. He seems very humble and appreciative for the widespread #WelcomeBackEd reception to his new music.

Sheeran recently released the tracklist for ÷, you can check it out here. You can also read an AXS review of “Castle On The Hill” here. Stay tuned to AXS for Ed Sheeran updates.