Ed Sheeran to perform in someone's home to help refugees
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Ed Sheeran will take time out from his Divide World Tour to support Amnesty International’s Give a Home concert series that will take place for one day only on Sept. 20. Sheeran joins a large host of artists who will participate in the effort to support over 20 million refugees worldwide by playing intimate concerts in ordinary people’s homes. Other artists such Kate Tempest, Fossils, and more are also slated for household gigs as well.

Amnesty International is teaming with music promoter Sofar Sounds to put the artists in homes of fans who applied to host the shows. The entire effort aims to raise awareness of persons who have been forced to leave their homes. Sheeran will reportedly play in a home in Washington while Canadian pop duo Faarow (who are both Somalian refugees) will be playing at a house in Los Angeles. The latter pair of sisters is determined to use their voice to help those less fortunate.

In a Time interview, Siham of Faarow said, “People look at us like they don’t really think we’re refugees, they have this idea of what a refugee looks and sounds like.” 1,000 artists are taking part in the initiative and refugees will also be present at the shows. Give a Home’s mission is important: To unite musicians, refugees and music fans to welcome refugees “because we all deserve a home, not just the memory of one.”

Amnesty International campaigns for human rights and is working to solve the global refugee crisis. London-originated Sofar Sounds creates invite-only secret performance shows for passionate music fans. In the Give a Home series, fans can find their favorite artist and enter for a chance to win two tickets to the secret location they are playing. An optional donation to support the refugee crisis is suggested, but, is not required for a chance to win. In all, 1,000 musicians will perform over 300 concerts in over 200 cities.

The “Shape of You” singer is known for supporting a wide variety of charitable causes, including Centrepoint Youth Homelessness charity in his native UK. He is also a huge supporter of Red Nose Day and made his first sobering trip to the slums in Liberia earlier this year to greet orphaned children.

If you’ve secretly dreamed of Ed Sheeran serenading you from the sofa, this might be the closest you’ll come to have your fantasy come true. But, you need to enter first if you want a chance to win! Making a small donation will also help someone who doesn’t currently have a home.

Click here to visit the Give a Home website for more information on how to enter the giveaway or donate to the cause.

Ed Sheeran is currently touring to support his multi-platinum third studio album, ÷. Click here for a list of AXS-ticketed shows and stay tuned to AXS for updates.