Edan Archer releases single 'Bad Imitation of Something Good'
courtesy Lucky Bird Media

Lots of songs have been written about an ex who has moved on to a new significant other. It's one of those classic themes in music that never gets old because it's always a theme with which a listener can identify. Edan Archer has a new song that touches on the archetypal theme with her on sound in a song called "Bad Imitation of Something Good."

From the beginning of the song, Archer serves fans a country tune with punk attitude. It's easy to imagine this song as part of the opening act for an Old 97s show. The narrator laments that she is seemingly no longer a heartbreaker. Archer goes on to catalog all the things the ex is seeking in a partner. She sings, "You want a good woman by your side, who puts the toothpaste cap on tight." She also sings, "You want a good woman in your life, who knows how to make the bed just right." That's part of the genius of this song. Archer makes the song easy to relate to because she sings about the sort of insignificant things that trip couples up regularly. 

If you're a fan of alt-country, chances are pretty good that you'll like this song. You'll also want to remember the name Edan Archer because she clearly has what it takes to become an alt-country hit machine.