Eddie Montgomery releases new album after death of singing partner Troy Gentry
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Eddie Montgomery has released a new album, four months after the death of his singing partner and best friend Troy Gentry. Montgomery Gentry’s album, titled Here’s to You, was intended as a 20-year anniversary album for the country duo, according to Rolling Stone on Feb. 2.

The album was completed just two days before Gentry’s tragic death in a helicopter accident on Sept. 8. Gentry and the helicopter pilot both perished when the helicopter crashed near Medford, N.J. Montgomery Gentry was scheduled to perform that night.

The country community mourned the loss at a funeral service at the Grand Ole Opry House with Little Big Town, Vince Gill, Charlie Daniels, and Trace Adkins among others in attendance.  A tribute was given at the CMA Awards by Dierks Bentley, Rascal Flatts, and by Montgomery himself.

With Troy Gentry gone, the future of Montgomery Gentry was in question. Montgomery was not sure he wanted to continue but ultimately decided to carry on. He explained, “I want to keep Montgomery Gentry alive until I die, and then hopefully Somebody else keeps it going,” according to a statement in Rolling Stone.

“He’d be freaking out if we weren’t releasing the CD – he’s half of it,” said Montgomery, according to The Boot.

Every song on the album is different, according to a statement by Montgomery to The Boot. He laughed, saying “It all depends on what mood you’re in! If you’re in a partying mood, there “Drink Along Song” and “Get Down South.” If you’re thinking about your mama, then, hey there’s “Feet Back on the Ground.” If you’re in California or Colorado, then you might want to twist one back and listen to “King of the World.”

The first single from the album was “Better Me,” a song about self-improvement and trying to be a better person, which was sung by Gentry.

Eddie Montgomery and the MG band are touring in 2018 in support of the new album. Montgomery will return to the Grand Ole Opry stage to celebrate the release of the new album on Feb. 2. The album will be available on Feb. 3, according to information on the MG website.

Here’s To You Track List

1. “Shotgun Wedding” - Philip Eugene O'Donnell, Eddie Montgomery, Gary Hannan 
2. “Better Me” -  Jamie Moore, Josh Hoge, Randy Montana 
3. “Needing a Beer” -  Bobby Pinson, Aaron Raitiere 
4. “What’cha Say We Don’t” -  Jeffrey Steele, Brandon Hood, Lee Miller 
5. “Crazies Welcome” - Brad Warren, Brett Warren, Lance Miller, Jessi Alexander 
6. “Get Down South” - John Wiggins, Bob Moffat, Clint Moffat, Troy Johnson 
7. “Drive On Home” - Dave Turnbull, Fred Wilhelm, Craig Campbell 
8. “Feet Back on the Ground” - Neil Thrasher, Casey Beathard, Tony Martin 
9. “Drink Along Song” - Philip Eugene O'Donnell, Buddy Owens, Jenee Flenor, Wade Kirby 
10. “King of the World” - Troy Jones 
11. “That’s the Thing About America” - Craig Wiseman, Jeffrey Steele, Shane Minor 
12. “All Hell Broke Loose” - Keith Dozier, Adam Fears