Ekurtis premiere's lead track 'Boom Da Boom' from upcoming EP
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Former professional ballet dancer, Eric Larson, has been recording music under the moniker Ekurtis since 2016. He uses a variety of layered vocals, rhythms, and instrumentations. He is also a self-taught producer, as well as songwriter, who previously wrote for and performed with duo Eric and Aaron. His latest track premiere, "Boom Da Boom" is featured on his upcoming EP, collectively released as EP 1, Ep II and EP III. These EPs will be released this summer and early 2018. 

Ekurtis is very involved with the artistic production of his music, as he is the sole producer, editor and director of his music videos. Although collaborative creations do exist with Ekurtis and his music, he prefers the solitude of his creative songwriting and making music. He doesn't speak much about his music, leaving an air of mystery of what comes next with his music. He seems to prefer the go-with-the-flow and lets-see-what-happens next aspect with his music. This is prevalent when AXS asked him about his premiere track, "Boom Da Boom," and he claims that "I feel hazy about this song. It's a memory of something that could have happened but didn't."

Check out "Boom Da Boom" in the music player below, and find out more about Ekurtis' music by visiting his website, Facebook, and Instagram