El-P is composing the score for an Al Capone biopic starring Tom Hardy

Fans of Run The Jewels have received different visual interpretations to the hip-hop duo’s powerful lyrics and adrenaline-pumping music since they formed back in 2013. More recently, the duo made up of Jaime Meline (El-P) and Michael Render (Killer Mike) have provided “Rick & Morty” fans with not one, but two really weird but entertainingly fun crossover projects where the psychedelically perverted universe of the animated characters were given a soundtrack courtesy of RTJ. El-P will soon bring that unique musical style of his to the big screen, as it’s been confirmed that he’ll be writing the cinematic music to the upcoming Hollywood Al Capone biopic, “Fonzo.”

As Stereogum reports, the Josh Trank-directed film has recruited El-P to provide the musical score in hopes of evoking every emotion possible when telling the story of one of America’s most well-known Prohibition era criminals. The real “Scarface.” The film will star Tom Hardy, Linda Cardellini (“Freaks and Geeks”), and Kyle MacLachlan (“Twin Peaks”), and is currently in production - as evident through Hardy’s newly-created Instagram account.

“Since I was 14 years old, El-P’s music has been one of the most important creative influences in my life,” Trank said about the rapper's involvement in the film. “There’s literally no greater honor for me than to collaborate with him today and bear witness to this next stage of his artistic journey.”

El-P also added his own comments through a post shared to his Twitter account on Wednesday morning, saying that he is “psyched to get the chance to do this sh*t ... thanks to everyone involved for giving me this opportunity to get weird.”

A photo taken with the rapper/producer alongside Neal Brennan, Trank and Hardy in full makeup from the set was also shared, and can be seen below.

Both El-P and Killer Mike have a busy weekend ahead of them, as they’re both this year’s ambassadors to Record Store Day. The group shared a new promotional video surrounding the music commerce-centered holiday earlier this week, which can be watched above and shows the Marvel crossover edition of their RTJ III album that was released at the end of 2016.