Emily Heller will be performing back-to-back for a comedy special taping in Seattle
YouTube/Team Coco

It takes great talent to be a writer.

Many mistakingly believe that it doesn’t take a lot to write stories, that it’s just easy to pound words on a keyboard and, voila, you have something. Well, anybody can write, but it takes skills to write a good story, and Emily Heller definitely has the skills to flesh out a good story.

Heller was born in 1958 in Alameda, California, and she’s well known as being the head writer for television shows such as “Barry” and “Crowded.” Heller is also a gifted comedian, and her stand-up routine has become as well-known as her numerous writing credits.

So what better place to record a comedy special than in Seattle, which was previously the home of alternative rock, but now is seen as the support arm of Amazon. Heller will be at The Showbox in June recording a comedy special, No Men Allowed (Kinda!!), and yes, no men will be allowed, and, no, it will not be enforced.

All genders are invited to the special taping but don’t be surprised if Heller decides to take the time to take some jabs at the men in the audience. Don’t fret, it will all be in good fun, which is a trait all good writers have in spades.

Emily Heller: Live Comedy Special Taping -- NO MEN ALLOWED (KINDA!!)
June 16 - Seattle, WA - The Showbox (Click here for tickets to second show)