Eminem addresses critics on 'Chloraseptic' remix; lost 2 Chainz verse surfaces

Eminem offered up a different take on the Revival track “Chloraseptic” with a new remix. The revamped track features a verse from Phresher--who handles the hook on the original--and a lost verse from 2 Chainz, of which, according to Complex, the Atlanta rapper was eager to see the light of day. But perhaps most interesting is a whole new extended verse from Em, and in true Shady fashion, the rapper doesn’t pull any punches.

Everyone should know by now that Eminem isn’t afraid to go toe to toe with his critics. In fact, criticism (as it should be) only seems to make him better. He thrives on it. On the “Chloraseptic” remix, Eminem addresses criticisms concerning Revival, namely that the album featured more pop stars than rappers and that it was a bit of a departure from what fans are used to. He also touches on his own criticisms of Donald Trump and how that may have affected the reception of the album.

But the bottom line is, the new verse may be one of the best in the Revival sphere, both technically and content wise. You can listen to it above.