Hung Yi is one of the world's most famous and successful living artists. 

Hung Yi is one of the world's most famous and successful living artists. 

Photo courtesy of Emmanuel Fremin, used with permission.

New York City is a hotspot for the arts and the Manhattan-based Emmanuel Fremin Gallery is a center location that proudly showcases some of the most innovative contemporary artists from around the world. Among the artists they represent is Hung Yi, a Taiwanese artist who is regaled for his large and colorful sculptures that pay homage to the mythology and culture of Taiwan. On Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2016, Hung Yi is opening a massive outdoors showcase of eight monumental scales sculptures that will be situated between Macy’s and Times Square and on view until March 2017.

The exhibition’s opening ceremony is set to launch at 11am on Sept. 20th on Broadway at 38th Street. The display is a result of collaboration between the Emmanuel Fremin Gallery in New York and InSian Gallery in Taipei. Both galleries worked with NYC's Garment District Alliance to make the event a reality. Hung Yi’s fantastical and cheerful sculptures have made him one of the most acclaimed living artists in Taiwan and his work promises to brighten up the streets of New York during the Fall and Winter exhibition. “Each of the animal sculptures represents a narrative, expressed through traditional Taiwanese symbols and motifs believed to bring luck,” explained gallery owner Emmanuel Fremin. “The painted patterns reflect on folk culture and religion, as well as the artist's personal experiences and observations of people’s everyday lives.”


To learn more, visit the Emmanuel Fremin Gallery’s official website and the website of their sponsor, Orangenius.