'Empire' season 4, episode 3 recap: Will Lucious ever get his groove back?
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“Empire” returned last night, Oct. 11, on Fox and found the entire Lyon clan still struggling to cope with Lucious’ (Terrence Howard) amnesia. Claudia (Demi Moore) was notably missing this week, as her besotted patient gave her the day off. So, Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) and her boys try to relate to Lucious on their own, while working hard to keep painful memories off the discussion table. Mama Dubois also furthers her plot of Lyon destruction and Andre (Trai Byers) tries to fend off further police suspicion about Giuliana’s disappearance.

Lucious Looks for Answers

Who else was thrilled Claudia was missing in action this week? Lucious finally has some alone time with his family. He asks them why his mother called him “a monster” and wants to know how he might have hurt each of them. Cookie and Jamal don’t want to come clean with him. But, Hakeem blurts, “You punched me square in the face.” Lucious is shocked and mortified. Hakeem pressures Jamal, telling his big brother to tell their father “about the trash can.” Jamal keeps his mouth shut and everyone tries to change the subject. The “new” Lucious seems so genuine and humble. It would be great if the dark, selfish Lucious doesn’t return.

Will Lucious Get His Groove Back?

The episode takes a particularly sad turn when Jamal takes Lucious to Empire and takes him into the studio. He acts like a small child – it’s like he doesn’t understand music, composing, or recording on any level. Everything that he lived for is now lost to him, including the amazing song he wrote with Jamal. Jamal finally tells Lucious how he threw him in a trash can when he was little for dressing like a girl. Lucious seems genuinely sickened by his intolerance. Maybe Lucious’ family can somehow heal from his evil misdeeds, now that he’s so remorseful. Our hearts ache for both father and son in this moment and Jussie Smollett and Terrence Howard do an amazing job delivering the emotionally intense conversation. One big question hangs in the balance: Will Lucious ever get his groove back and be connected to music again? Right now, it seems doubtful and this is so sad!

Mama Dubois Goes All ‘Wizard of Oz’ on the Lyons

Mama Dubois holds a family meeting and she’s appalled (and so are we) that Angelo is sitting in the corner drunk. She reprimands him and commands him to get a life. Meanwhile, she rambles on about how she’s going to take away what the Lyon boys value most, like the characters in the Wizard of Oz. She compares Andre to the Scarecrow and says she’ll take his brain. Warren pipes up that he’ll steal Jamal’s Tin Man heart and Hakeem is called the Cowardly Lion. The whole sequence pulses with anger and vengeance. We shudder to think of what the Lyon brothers are facing—especially Jamal, who is always so open with his heart. We hate to see him get hurt again!

Is Karma Coming Back to Bite Andre?

Andre has faced some tough losses, in losing his wife and child. But, he’s always been driven by greed, which prompted him to want to kill his own father so he could run Empire. Now, Lucious is a broken man, trying to pick up the pieces. So far, no one has tied him to the explosion. But, the police are sniffing around him about Giuliana’s disappearance. He manages to evade his pretty detective’s questioning. But, is he about to pay a stiff price for what he did? The drama and tension is mounting. We can’t wait to see what happens next.

“Empire” airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on Fox. Stay tuned to AXS for Empire updates.