Eric Clapton sets record for the largest salmon caught in Iceland this year

Who knew Eric Clapton was such as master with a fishing rod? Well, those who read his 2007 autobiography would know. For those who didn’t however, it may come as a surprise that the classic rock bluesman just entered the international record books after catching the year’s largest salmon in Iceland last week.

As Men’s Journal reports, Clapton was on fly-fishing trip in Iceland when he used those nimble fingers of his to snag a 28-pound, 42.5 inch salmon, which was apparently the largest that had been caught in the country so far this season. He caught the enormous fish along the Vatnsdalsá River in the country’s northern region. It was during his afternoon expedition where the large fish apparently forced the older rocker to run over half a mile downriver to then spend the next two and a half hours reeling it in.

For those who think spending nearly three hours on a record-setting catch may be worth it, don't forget that fly-fishing means that you have to throw your prize back in the water afterwards. Thank goodness for Instagram!

The report went on to remind fans that Clapton turned to the zen and piece of mind he got from fishing to help his recovery following battles with substance abuse earlier in his career. Well Mr. Clapton, if your fishing abilities are any indication how your sobriety is going, it’s safe to say your health is doing just fine.