Erica Chase breaks into music after near-death experience
Erica Chase/YouTube

Erica Chase might be relatively new to music, but she's had a lengthy journey to get to this point, where she's releasing a teaser for her upcoming "Paris" music video. AXS conducted a phone interview with this developing pop-rock artist last week to learn about her remarkable story, which almost didn't happen.

Though music was always in Erica's life from an early age, she didn't give it serious consideration as a career. Not until she was 21, and was hit by a truck while riding her bicycle. As she told us, she woke up in an emergency helicopter and saw her life flashing before her eyes, and that made her overcome her fear of turning what she really loved into what she did. "I had to follow my passion," she said, "and face my dreams and go for it."

Who is Erica Chase, the artist? She described her sound as a combination of old school, really good background harmonies and solid songwriting like Fleetwood Mac, mixed with modern Top 40 sound akin to Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran. The deeper sound to her voice further sets her apart from other female singer-songwriters.

Her first single will be "Paris," for which she's already shot a companion music video directed by Chris Hicky (Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill, Dierks Bentley). Making her own music video was an understandable benchmark in her career. "That day was truly amazing," Erica reflected, "and Chris and his entire crew were just so cool and so welcoming and everyone was there for the right reasons."

Erica's goals now consist of releasing the single, promoting it and then laying out touring plans, beginning in the spring. But in the long term, just as one moment changed the entire course of her life, she's hoping that she can use her music to change someone else's. She told us that she wants to do with music what others do with teaching or charitable foundations - bring positive change into the world. The biggest accomplishment she could think of would be someone coming up to her and telling her that they were able to identify with her songs.

She's also excited about being able to introduce herself directly to fans in music's new landscape. "You don't need this crazy big machine to get stuff out there," she told us, "You just need to have a really great story, a great message and great music." Erica has all three - a remarkable story, a positive attitude that she's hoping to pass on to others, and a sound all her own that should make her a fast favorite once she officially drops her single later this year.

For more on Erica Chase, visit her official website.