Esperanza Spalding begins sharing songs from new ‘12 Little Spells’ album on Facebook, Instagram
Berklee College of Music/YouTube

The arrival of October here in America brings with it the spooky themes and musicality of Halloween season. Jazz bassist and singer Esperanza Spalding has decided to theme the title of her new album around the fall season, with a project titled "12 Little Spells." What’s unique about Spalding's latest recording project, it that she is releasing the 12 songs from the album one day at a time via her website and Facebook and Instagram accounts at 12:12 p.m. each afternoon until the digital arrival of "12 Little Spells" on Oct. 19. A physical release is scheduled to arrive sometime in the coming year.

As Rolling Stone reports, Spalding was inspired to write body-specific songs for her latest album after spending a holiday in Italian castle recently, where she noticed movement in body parts fluctuate based on different circumstances. Every track on the album was recorded over just a two-week period.

“I want to have a beneficial effect on your physiology, but it’s not my business what happens after that. It’s my gift to you,” Spalding said in a recent statement about the project, which began over the weekend on Sunday with a title track themed about the human spine and can be heard in the video seen below. The lead track opens up with a glistening intro as Spalding's strong but non-overpowering vocals come in to join the jazz rhythm. The video for “12 Little Spells” features a close-up shot of Spalding with gold and yellow lighting bursts shining in throughout. This contrasts with the second track from the album shared on Monday titled “To Tide Us Over,” which is themed around the mouth and takes viewers to picturesque locations and much darker scenic backdrops to match the song’s atmospheric instrumentation. “To Tide Us Over” really opens up both musically and visually as it dramatically begins to build starting around the 2:45 minute mark and the color scheme turns to a much more uplifting and evocative red and rose.  

According to the report, Spalding will perform her new songs live - hopefully, while wearing that killer white jumpsuit seen in the introductory video below - with a series of pop-up shows. The 12 separate performances have yet to be officially announced or detailed. Until then, fans can check back to Spalding Facebook every day at 12:12 p.m. EST to hear each song as its debuted each afternoon.

Spalding was also recently invited to return to her alma mater of Berklee College of Music this past spring where she gave a commencement speech during the graduation ceremony. The speech can be watched in full in the video above.