Exclusive clip: The Gregory Brothers embark upon a 'Song Voyage'

Musical comedy group The Gregory Brothers are getting their own web series, and AXS has the exclusive first look at next week's episode. "Song Voyage" sends the Gregory Brothers around the world to collaborate with all kinds of musicians and share the music of the world with online audiences. Watch a clip from "Mongolia," which premieres on Jan. 11, now by using the media player included with this article.

"Song Voyage" is a production between the band and digital content studio PortalA. It sends the band to six different countries and has them learn about the musical traditions of those areas through working with local musicians to create new songs. In "Mongolia" it's up to The Gregory Brothers to grasp the art of Mongolian throat singing and it's not something they learn easily. But through the band throwing themselves into these different forms of music, their goal is to teach audiences as well as themselves about just how many kinds there are - while also displaying their trademark sense of humor.

The Gregory Brothers also released a corresponding EP of music from the series, also entitled Song Voyage, on Dec. 14. Fans can download the seven-song release now on iTunes.

They have been mixing music and comedy for years now to send up everything from relationships to the recent Presidential election. The band released an album called Songify The Election in October, which included selections like "If Donald Trump Had Said All The Things That You've Said He Said" and "Who's Gonna Work It Out," the latter featuring actor and musician Joseph Gordon-Levitt. They followed that up with Love Is Like Drugs in November, and now they're racking up plenty of new song ideas and frequent flier miles through "Song Voyage."

The "Mongolia" episode of "Song Voyage" premieres on Jan. 11 across multiple digital platforms, including The Gregory Brothers' YouTube and Facebook pages, and The Station by Maker channel on YouTube and Facebook. Subsequent episodes are released every other week.

The band haven't announced any additional live performance plans for 2017 as of yet but that's understandable given how much traveling they've obviously done. Fans who are interested in world music, or just want to see what happens when two unlikely groups come together to collaborate, should give a watch  - and a listen - to "Song Voyage."

For more on The Gregory Brothers, visit their artist page at AXS.