AXS has the exclusive premiere of Merritt Gibson's new single "When You Were Mine" from her debut album, coming March 30.

AXS has the exclusive premiere of Merritt Gibson's new single "When You Were Mine" from her debut album, coming March 30.

Anna Haas/Red Hare Photography

Music fans are two weeks away from the release of Merritt Gibson's debut album Eyes On Us, and AXS has the exclusive premiere of the record's latest single "When You Were Mine." Listen to it now by playing the embedded audio here.

Eyes On Us features a dozen songs from the Boston-based singer and songwriter, and "When You Were Mine" leads off the album. It's a breakup song, but it's not the kind of breakup song that music fans will be used to hearing.

"I wrote this song after I broke up with a guy I’d been dating for a while. It was my first ever breakup, and I didn’t expect to miss him -- after all, I’m the one who decided to end it. But it still hurt," Gibson told AXS in an exclusive email statement, explaining the story behind the song. "I found myself viewing the relationship through rose-colored glasses, romanticizing and idealizing the whole thing, while losing sight of why I broke up with him in the first place. 'When You Were Mine' was born out of this nostalgic feeling for something I shouldn’t have missed. And on top of that, he started dating again pretty quickly. I remember wanting him to miss me, wanting him to feel the fall instead of moving on."

Though she originally conceived the song as a slow, piano-based ballad, Gibson further revealed that she completely overhauled the track in studio. She and producer Mitch Dane considered turning the track into a full band number, and Gibson picked up an acoustic guitar and found the faster, more up-tempo version that you can hear through playing the audio here. It's a song about a sad subject but it's not a sad song; rather, there's a lot of emotion and a lot of interesting sounds running through it. It's a fresh take on a very familiar topic, and starts off Eyes On Us with a strong first impression.

Once the record is released at the end of the month, Gibson plans to tour in support of the album, but she has not yet announced any tour dates. Music fans will want to keep an eye on her tour page for future live show announcements.

Eyes On Us will be available March 30 through iTunes. For more on Merritt Gibson, visit her official website.