Brooke Moriber 'Hello Happy' artwork

Brooke Moriber 'Hello Happy' artwork

Courtesy of Brooke Moriber

On her new single “Hello Happy" pop singer Brooke Moriber sings, “You got me singing yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!” The song is about the excitement but within that, the tentative nature of a new love relationship lurks. Fans will have no problem falling in love immediately with the song’s multiple hooks and upbeat vibe. Today AXS is happy right along with Moriber as we offer an exclusive premiere listen to “Hello Happy.” And we also got Brooke to tell us a little bit about the song.

Moriber says, “My new single 'Hello Happy' is a high energy pop song that celebrates happiness despite all of its flaws. It has a philosophical message if you think about the lyrics, but the hooky melody just makes it a fun song to work out to or belt out in the shower. I wrote this in Nashville with my friends Bill DiLuigi and Brian Desveaux and we had a blast throwing in some Beatles and Jerry McGuire references. I had it produced in my hometown, NYC, by the amazing Matt Anthony. The song is about being afraid to allow yourself to be happy because happiness comes and goes so quickly. We wrote about happiness like it’s a drug or a lover. Inevitably, by the end of the song we give in to happiness because, even if it is fleeting, that’s all the more reason to enjoy the moment.”

Moriber has been in show business since she was 15-years-old and she’s been a success on the Broadway stage as well as with her songwriting skills, and she’s shared stages with the likes of Cyndi Lauper and the Gin Blossoms. Her latest EP Here and Gone came out about this time last year, and she released the sunny “Hello Happy” now as a special summertime treat. No doubt fans will respond with a resounding “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!”

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