Exclusive premiere: Rainy Day Crush inspire post-break up with single, 'Heartbreak (And How to Get Over It)'
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Indie pop rock trio, Rainy Day Crush, are getting ready to share their upcoming EP, I'm Still Alive, releasing this spring. I'm Still Alive is dynamic and emotionally compelling, exploring what is means to face challenges and heartbreak head on. Originally formed in 1994, the band formed when they had just graduated from high school, and were ambitious from the start. They had a fairly successful run in the 90s, performing at numerous venues in Wisconsin, and even signing to an independent label. However, the project soon faded.

In 2012, the group was asked to play a reunion show as a fundraiser, bringing the faded project back to life, and started performing small, acoustic shows, which then grew into a full-band. Shortly after the full-band came full circle, they lost two lead singers, and the remaining members Matt, Mike, and Derek decided to return to their roots of acoustic guitar and CD collection, and during the process of writing and recording, it was decided that Matt would sing vocals and continue their musical adventure as a three-person band. 

Rainy Day Crush is exclusively sharing their debut single from their upcoming EP, titled "Heartbreak (And How to Get Over It)." Aptly stated, the band collectively says that "'Heartbreak (and How to Get Over It)'" has really become our battle cry lately. Look, everybody gets beat up. Everybody gets knocked around. Sometimes, you have to remind yourself you're still alive before you can do anything else. This song was our way of reminding ourselves that we're still alive, we can still fight, and we may get knocked down but we will always get back up." Check out the inspiring and catchy new single streaming below!