Exclusive premiere: Story of the Year release final single, 'Miracle,' off of anticipated new album

Rock band Story of the Year have not released an album since 2010, but the quartet that was the signature sound of the post-hardcore scene in the early 2000's are back and releasing their sixth studio album Wolves on Dec. 8. They have come a long way since their "Until The Day I Die" days (even though it's still on all of our nostalgia playlists) and today, the band is exclusively releasing their final single before the album release titled "Miracle" with AXS. You can listen to it above.

Each song on the upcoming album showcases the bands hard work, growth and professionalism as evolving artists. While the classic Story of the Year sound is still there with their new single releases, the songs have a more mature feel, where their emotions and musical skills are translated into something new. The simplicity behind the new songs gives them the older feel, and it's bound to resonate with all of their fans—old and new.

"We wanted to approach this record different. Instead of spending months in a dark basement together, we decided that given everyone’s crazy schedules and responsibilities, we would write the entire record by trading demos/ideas back and forth over email," guitarist of the band, Ryan Phillips, told AXS. "Whenever inspiration hit, the idea was to record it and send it to the band. After a couple of years of stock-piling songs, we had a huge amount of material and the timing felt right to start recording an album. That’s how every song was written, 'Miracle' included."

This different approach is working in Story of the Year's favor, and Phillips went on to explain that because of their lives changing so much in the past seven years and no pressure from a label or manager to release music, their music is as real as ever. What makes it even better is that it's that they wanted to do this on their own. This new album is something completely different, and brings the band back to when they first started making music.

"It’s been a scary, anxiety riddled last couple of years, and in many ways we’ve come full circle, back to the beginning," Phillips said. "There is no record label, no deadlines, no one telling us we have to put a record out. We wrote this record simply because we f*cking love music and being creative, and if that’s in your DNA, it’s not something you can just turn off or run from. It’s largely what makes you who you are. In that sense, it’s like starting over, because it’s akin to being 14 again, where you made music simply because you love it. That mindset combined with a desire to reignite the dream and overcome fear and uncertainty makes Wolves feel very much like starting from scratch."

Story of the Year's newest album Wolves is set to be released on Dec. 8. You can preorder the album here. Check out their latest single "Miracle" exclusively above and the full track listing for the album below.

Wolves track listing
1. Wolves
2. How Can We Go On
3. Bang Bang
4. Youth
5. I Swear I’m Okay
6. Miracle
7. Can Anybody Hear Me?
8. A Part of Me
9. Give Up My Heart
10. The Eternal Battle For Mike Cronin ’s Soul (To Be Alive Again)
11. My Home
12. Goodnight, My Love
13. Like Ghosts
14. Praying for Rain