Exclusive: The Body Rampant premiere new album 'RMPNT'
Photo courtesy of The Body Rampant

Just in time for their new tour, indie post-hardcore group, The Body Rampant, are exclusively premiering their entire album RMPNT with AXS, coinciding with its release today. Their tour is a nine-date West Coast tour, featuring performances in Fresno, Calif., Spokane, Wash. and Portland, Oreg., to name a few. The group will be on the road with fellow music group gP. 

The group was formed in 2010 by member JM Lopez and released their debut EP that same year, and although the band has seen many members, the focus of the group remains on their music. The group has shared the stage with fan favorite bands Armor for Sleep, Letlive and Finch. Their new album, RMPNT, features special guests Thomas Pridgen (Mars Volta), Bradley Walden (Emarosa), Daniel Wand (Capsize) and Ryan Hunter (Envy On The Coast). 

The group collectively tells AXS that RMPNT "is the result of several years of songwriting and crafting this listening experience to be as moving as possible. We made the heavy parts heavier, and the catchy parts catchier. We are still learning but we feel these are our best songs and we are proud to present them. Thanks to everyone involved in making this record.”