Exclusive video: Lali Puna featured in KCET music series 'Border Blaster'

German electronic pop band Lali Puna are featuring the music video for their single "The Bucket" on KCET's world music series "Border Blaster" this Tuesday, Oct. 3 and AXS has an exclusive clip from the music video that you can watch now by playing the video above.

"Border Blaster" gives music fans an opportunity to watch music videos from artists all around the world. Each half-hour episode is curated by the non-profit Internet radio station Dublab and aims to expose viewers to the different sounds and ideas of performers across every genre and international border. In Tuesday's episode, that includes the trippy video from Lali Puna, which depicts a black and white animation of a human body, almost like a diagram set to music.

"The Bucket" comes from the band's most recent album Two Windows, which was released on Sept. 7. Much like the video, the song isn't what audiences would expect when you think of electronic pop. Lali Puna is a three-piece band that consists of Valerie Trebeljahr (on vocals, keyboard and computer), Christan Heiss (also keyboard and computer) and Christoph Brandner (drums). While they may not use many instruments, they are able to come up with a variety of different sounds, all within the same track.

That's even more remarkable considering that Two Windows is Lali Puna's first release since the single "Machines Are Human" three years ago. Many bands would be a bit rusty or maybe even a bit nervous after such an extended hiatus, but based on "The Bucket" and its corresponding music video, Lali Puna have come back with something that is unique and different.

"Border Blaster" is a prime opportunity for music fans to be exposed to the sound and the experimentation of Lali Puna, as the band does not have any tour dates scheduled for the United States in 2017. But thanks to this TV series, audiences don't have to wait; they can check out Lali Puna's latest video and their new sound now, starting with AXS's exclusive clip above.

The season premiere of "Border Blaster" airs tonight on KCET; click here to find the show time and channel in your area.

For more on Lali Puna, visit their artist page at AXS.