Exclusive video premiere: Dynamos' 'Knowledge'
Courtesy of Dynamos

It’s not surprising that the Orange County-based band Dynamos would record a song called “Shake, Rattle and Roll.” Not to be confused with the song of the same name that was a hit long ago for Bill Haley & the Comets, the Dynamos song is a classic rock-influenced cut sung by band frontwoman Nadia E., who rocks out in a fashion that will appeal to fans of Pat Benatar in particular.

“Shake, Rattle and Roll” was released last October, and now the band keeps things shaking with brand new cut “Knowledge,” and today AXS is pleased to present the world premiere of the video for the song. Besides Nadia on vocals, Dynamos consists of guitarists Jacob Mayeda and Carlos Barrera, bass man Nick Schaadt and drummer Ian Nakazawa. To go along with the debut of the “Knowledge” video, Nadia tells us a little bit about the song.

AXS: What is “Knowledge” all about?

Nadia E: “Knowledge” is a song about someone very close to you not knowing who you truly are. That person, obliviously, cannot see you, as you understand yourself to be. The second person narrative of the lyrics expresses your awareness of the other’s unawareness of the deeper you. The song reflects, lyrically, a subtle but confident mindset that we all possess.

AXS: Tell us about the writing and recording of the cut.        

NE: The first time we practiced the song, the instruments started off with the bass guitar setting a "Hand Jive" beat that stuck. We wanted to keep the development of “Knowledge” as organic and simple as possible, so we constructed a modified 12 bar blues format and voilà, “Knowledge”! The recording process was very fun and smooth. We were rhythmically constant during each take, thanks to the orchestration of the song. It was one of the easiest times we’ve had in the studio. It was nice to have it done faster than expected; we got to enjoy longer lunches together because we finished early!

AXS: It looks like you had lots of fun making the video too.

NE: The video shoot for “Knowledge” was a great experience! One thing I loved about the shoot was being able to work in costume and have the whole day feel like a live show, which in actuality, it was! When the camera is on, we’re on live and “Knowledge” gets us going fast!

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