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By: May 28, 2015
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Sir Paul McCartney is one of the most beloved recording artists and musicians of all time. As he approaches the tender age of 73 in June, millions of fans still adore him and four generations of music lovers purchase his records and attend his concerts. Aside from his sill-boyish good looks, what is the allure? Why do fans still love him five decades after he hit the world stage as the left -handed base player of the Beatles? There are at least five reasons fans still love Paul McCartney. Read more and find out.

  • His concerts are like no other

    A Paul McCartney concert is like no other. The man is a master at selecting venue, whether it is at the Roman Coliseum, Red Square, or a national monument of any kind. He is a musical icon who likes to perform amid dramatic and iconic backdrops. In literally every foreign country in which he has performed worldwide, he has addressed the crowd, however briefly, in their native tongue. His presence and his reach is so powerful at concerts they have turned into sometimes unfortunate singalongs with Sir Paul, but that is also the spirit his concerts have become; a group hug to music with the master of modern rock and roll. It is more than impressive to see a man in his 70's perform for three hours straight without even as much as a sip of water or a five minute break. He performs chestnuts he has written from all three eras of his career, and the entire crowd stands up, sits down, and feels good. Three hours later, he wishes everybody in the crowd a happy birthday who is having one that day as the smoke clears from the pyrotechnics of "Live and Let Die." He is a timeless and tireless performer whose very high octane presence makes the sold out crowd feel for three hours that maybe, just maybe, they might never get old. And that all by itself, is worth the price of admission.

  • His music guarantees a smile

    Any Paul McCartney song automatically puts a smile on the listener's face. His music is upbeat, perhaps at times a little bit too much. Yet when someone is having a difficult life experience, going through pain, or experiencing a tragedy, a Paul McCartney song from any era of his career is the perfect antidote. Nobody understands this with more clarity than a Baby Boomer who grew up with his music in the 1960's and has experienced all of life's ups and downs since. A Paul McCartney song in the background at unexpected moments helps put life in perspective when life itself doesn't always do that.

  • He is an ambassador for music and the performng arts

    In both his personal and professional life, he is an ambassador for music. He consistently reaches out to work with new artists, as controversial as some of his selections have been (Kanye West being the most controversial to date). His partnership with other artists such as Dave Ghrol of the Foo Fighters, and his collaboration with the former group Nirvana won a Grammy for their efforts. Their impromptu group effort was dubbed Sirvana (Sir PAul plus Nirvana). Yet he has also invested millions of his own money in the Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts (LIPA), and serves as the Institute's leading patron. He also provided input when he purchased his former grammar school to save the building and turn it into what is now LIPA. He genuinely wanted others to learn formally what had been missing when he was coming up during his Beatles years so they would not be blindsided, especially regarding the business end of music and performing. He is present at each year's graduating ceremonies and gives an inspirational master class to the graduates. He may at times be a shameless self-promoter of his own work, but he also helps promote the work of others, and works tirelessly to reach new generations of listeners and future performing artists with his music and the music of others.

  • His music is timeless

    Paul McCartney's music obviously has enduring value. Fifty years later, his Beatles songs are still being performed. "Yesterday" is the most covered song of all time, with nearly three thousand other artists performing and recording it. While he does not boast as many Wings songs with this record, many have become chestnuts in spite of themselves, with huge followings that have turned them into anthems at concerts. Much of his music is licensed for movies and commercials as well. His solo career has lasted longer than his years with the Beatles, and while the quality of his solo efforts are admittedly not that of his Beatles years, he is not competing with himself according to interviews he has given. Rather, he has consistently produced songs in recent years that have lasting value.

  • He helped change the world

    As a founding member of the Beatles, his music helped change the world and shaped attitudes, fashion, hair styles, not to mention the lasting influence he had on music and other musicians of his time. His music helped change the world, more than any other who came before him, with the exception of his songwriting partner, John Lennon. During the turbulent 1960's, America was rocked by the Kennedy Assassination and the Vietnam War, and the Beatles soothed the American psyche. The rest of the world followed suit. Decades later, his music was credited as being the cultural influence that helped end Communism by the very people who ended it. To them it was the”sound of freedom.” No other recording artist can claim this distinction.

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