Experimental band, Mazes, premiere new video for their single, 'Missing Numbers'
Directed by Catalina Giordano

After experimenting with his friend through various sound experiments, and crafting emotional pop gems, songwriter Edward Anderson and his friend Charles d'Autremont became known as Mazes. 2009 led to their self-titled album, and the band played several live shows, and had fun performing music. 

d'Autremont left for a period, but returned to his family home in Buenos Aires, and secluded himself with music. He quit his long-time job, and soon took up travels with a friend in Argentina, which resulted in the band's recently released EP, The Violent Tapes. After Anderson and d'Autremont met Federico Bramanti, their drummer, the band recording the EP in various apartments, bookstores, occasionally an actual studio, and even a park. 

The music is inspired by both Anderson and d'Autremont's love of Detroit gang culture in the 70s documentaries, Italian film soundtracks, secret societies, and many other psychadelic themes. After Anderson compiled the recording sessions, and getting help from producer and mixer Tim Sandusky of Lola Wolf and Ezra Furman, four years later The Violent Tapes are now happening. 

In an exclusive premiere with AXS, the band is premiering their new music video for their single "Missing Numbers." The band tells AXS that "given the subject of the song—the melancholia of a girl lost in her imagination—Catalina felt the best place to film the lost gaze of the actress was in a museum, a place where people avoid direct eye contact. Though the three actors never exchange eye contact, they become entwined through the surrounding classical art, in one scene imitating a statue, in another dancing barefoot side by side, in a series of incongruities that nevertheless weave together the three actors who remain aloof throughout the surreal sequence, until the girl vanishes and leaves them wondering if they ever really saw her…To us, the video seemed to appear spontaneously, which is perfectly in the spirit of a band ever stumbling upon the help of motley collaborators in far off corners of the globe."

The Violent Tapes are now available for streaming and download via the group's Bandcamp, and check out their artsy music video for their rock, psych-pop single, "Missing Numbers."  Check the band out on Facebook for more updates.