Factory Edge premiere single 'Static Arrest,' new album out Aug. 4
Charles Spurrier

Alternative rock band, Factory Edge, are gearing up for the release of their second album, Sunset Park, which drops everywhere on Aug. 4. The album was recorded on a substantially hot July weekend in Brooklyn's Sunset Park. The songs that make up Sunset Park feature selections of songs from over 70 music sketches that were written amongst the guys over the course of a year. The tracks were mixed by their long-time friend, Glen Robinson, in Montreal, Canada and mastered at Sterling Studios in Chelsea, NY. 

Rounding out the album, producer and engineer, Alex Lipsen of Russell Street Record completed the final touches on the record. Factory Edge features drummer and vocals Tom Lawson, guitarist and vocals David Rosenstein, bassist Said Rifai, with additional track vocals by collaborator David Kamm. His talent with electric, acoustic and slide guitar and harp are also featured. Many of the written songs featured on the album were written from previous experiences reflecting on what may never happen again. Life themes are prevalent throughout their upcoming album, and feature frustration, confusion, anger, hope and ultimately patience and faith.

Factory Edge are featuring their third single, "Static Arrest," and told AXS, "There is so much static, so many screens, so much information sometimes so hard to find the clarity."

Listen now to the single below.