Fall Out Boy: One of a kind heat live and on the record
The Voice via YouTube.com

In early 2001, a young Pete Wentz started growing disillusioned by the Chicago hardcore scene. Seeing the way transitions were taking groups from political activism -- the bare bones of punk rock -- to a greater emphasis on moshing and breakdowns. While it’s difficult to say that many bands still place greater emphasis on this than they do on the quality of their lyrics, what spawned from this was to become an icon crossroads between pop-punk and metal unlike anything we’ve ever heard. The critically acclaimed Frankenstein's monster of music, Fall Out Boy.

Bassist Pete Wentz and guitarist Patrick Stump both lend their voices to the music they’ve created together, but it’s their collaboration that truly makes FOB what it is. With Wentz behind the majority of the lyrics, and Stump focusing his attention on the melodies, Trohman slamming down the hard rhythm, and finally Andy Hurley, the beast behind some truly intense percussive work, we don’t need to tell you how exciting they can be.

This year alone they've taken already taken home the World Music Awards accolade for "World's Best Alternative Act," and were nominated for Best Live Act and Best Album (Save Rock And Roll), which should tell you just about everything you need to know about them upfront. While great music is never about the prizes, it certainly doesn't hurt to be recognized when you're doing something right.

What sets FOB apart is that they’ve never been known for anything generic. There’s a bit of pop-punk influence in their lyrics, and as well in their general style, but listen closely to the drop-d stylings and ferociousness behind their tunes; the crossbred hybrid contains all the energy of metal without the whole song-and-dance and approaches a whole new audience altogether.

It’s hard to have not heard about a group like Fall Out Boy, but if you’ve been in the dark looking for a great new band, look no further. From Under The Cork Tree to Folie à Deux, FOB has given nothing if not their best throughout their years. What really steals the show however, is, well, the shows. Intense performances with screaming fans jumping up and down, and deafening speakers bursting ear drums in the best possible way are just some of the great things you can expect at a local or large-scale venue. In this regard, they have very few equals among mainstream bands.

Get onboard and work through the pain, because this is a must-see, must-hear band. While some groups may be known for their hardcore muddy style, or pop-punk edginess, Fall Out Boy is one of few groups that takes both and does it well enough that they can’t really be categorized as either. Given their track history, and the quality of music still being released over 10 years later, you can safely assume that status is going to last.

You can find all the band's latest showtimes and pick up tickets by clicking here to be redirected. Stay tuned as always.