Father John Misty is finally 'Mr. Tillman' in new tune (listen)
Father John Misty/YouTube

Father John Misty many have found his Raoul Duke (the pseudonym uses to check into his hotel in "Fear and Loathing); the thing about it is is that it's his real name. The Father John Misty moniker has become so well-known that he can use his real name and nobody is the wiser. The master of irony and observation is back with a new tune, aptly titled “Mr. Tillman.” It’s a jaunty number, with piano, guitar and perhaps xylophone. But the content is the best part.

Forget rock stars throwing TVs out of hotel windows or gluing furniture to the ceiling, “Mr. Tillman" leaves his passport in the mini-fridge and inquires about a movie, seven times,  supposedly filmed downstairs. It’s more personal than anything on Pure Comedy--the fact that he uses his real name is telling--and it’s quite refreshing. You can listen above.

Back in November FJM hinted at a new album in 2018. But “Mr. Tillman” is an appropriate harbinger as the singer-songwriter said he was living in a hotel on a “misadventure.” What better situation to write an album? After the social commentary--and a well-needed one--that was Pure Comedy, misadventure is exactly what is needed from Mr. Tillman. We are excited to hear more.

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