Find your groove with the self-titled album by Ozone Squeeze
Abstract Logix

If you turn on the radio - no matter the genre - you're likely to hear a lot of music that sounds very similar. That being the case, it's nice to hear some music that doesn't fit nicely into any category. On its self-titled album, Ozone Squeeze shows that it is one of those bands who wants to create a different listening experience.

Between the original and the Aerosmith version, "Come Together" is one of those songs that you've heard so many times, you probably don't think too much about it. That being said, it is possible to add something new to the song, and Ozone Squeeze proves it with their version. From the outset, it has a progressive feel that you don't normally associate with this song. It's almost as if Ozric Tentacles had decided to cover The Beatles. The guitar solo is a demonstration in complexity. Guitar fans are sure to geek out at this interpretation of such a classic rock song.

That's not the only unusual cover on the album. The band also covers "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)". It's fair to say that you haven't heard a version of the song quite like this one. This is a toned-down - almost loungy - version of the song that became a radio hit. Probably the best way to describe this version of the song is to ask you to imagine that the song had been originally recorded by Steely Dan

The band shows some definite similarities to Phish. "Super Natural" is a good example of this. The instrumental break has a very improvisational feel that you might expect from a Phish recording or show. The guitarist seems to fit more notes per measure than is even imaginable. Meanwhile, the rest of the band doesn't seem to operate on any standard time signature. That's not a bad thing. This song doesn't fit any particular mold, and that's part of what makes it charming.

You have to give this band credit for its range. While a lot of the album has a jam-band quality, the band also delves into some Stevie Wonder influence in "Ebony Eyes". This is a song that is steeped in soul and R&B sounds - including the vocals. Not only that, but the subject of this song is raised to a level of veneration that is similar to Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely". When you hear this one, you might wonder why you don't hear more songs like it.

This is a very interesting album filled with complex arrangements that display the talents of the band members. With its range from progressive rock to R&B, it has a broad appeal for a variety of listeners. If you like music that will make you think, this is an album you should check out. Ozone Squeeze (Abstract Logix) was released on September 15 and is available everywhere now.