Fire From the Gods release new album 'Narrative Retold'
Courtesy of High Road Publicity

Austin, Texas metal band Fire From the Gods have released their latest album, Narrative Retold on Rise Records today (May 19). The album is a re-release of their 2016 album Narrative with the addition of two new songs guest produced by Korn’s Jonathan Davis, “The Voiceless” and “The Taste.” The band released the video for “The Voiceless” on April 21, 2017.

The song addresses the issue of marginalized people being silenced for the comfort and benefit of others, whether it be because of race, class or social status, and it calls for an upheaval of the system. It is an anthem encouraging those silenced to find and raise their voices. “The Taste” is a much mellower tune that strikes all the right emotional and addictive chords of obsession. Vocalist AJ Channer’s voice resonates throughout the track as he explores his clean vocals and kind of waxy, seductive crooning that gives the song a soul.

In a press release regarding “The Voiceless,” Channer said, "Folks are so heartless and calloused these days. We forget to feel shit because we are so obsessed with our own existence. Live for the common good of everyone. Do Not remain Voiceless.”

Narrative Retold is out now and Fire From the Gods will be out on Warped Tour all Summer long.

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