Firefly artist spotlight: Rozes
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On Sunday at Firefly, the incredibly talented singer Rozes took over the Backyard stage to present her EDM/pop fusion tunes to fans ready to dance the afternoon away. A Philadelphia native, Rozes was the perfect fit for the festival, which is practically in her backyard. While she was at Firefly, AXS sat down with Elizabeth Mencel, AKA Rozes, to discuss her upcoming shows, getting signed, and some of the awesome collaborations she's put together. Check out the discussion below, and be sure to follow Rozes on Facebook and Twitter for the latest on her busy year.

AXS: You have a new single coming out soon, what can you tell us about the song?
Elizabeth Mencel: “Canyons” is a mix between emotional pop and EDM alternative, and it’s this song about disagreeing with somebody that you love, but realizing that it doesn’t make you incompatible. It’s very emotional stuff.

AXS: When you released “Matches” with Cash Cash, how did that collaboration come about?
E.M.: I met them at the Let It Snow Show for AMP radio, and I had written the song already, acoustically. So I sat down and spoke with them, and I was like “Hey, I have this awesome song for you guys, we’d love if you produced it.” Because I’d heard their production before. And they made it into this perfect, emotional, symphonic thing.

AXS: You’ve worked with quite a few other artists. Who has been your favorite to collaborate with so far?
E.M.: It’s so hard to say! Everybody’s different in their own way. I definitely loved collaborating with Louis Futon, because he’s also a Philly guy, and he and I personality wise are almost like twins, in the way that we act and our weird quirks. So I think working with him was really fun.

AXS: What was it like getting signed to Photo Finish Records?
E.M.: It has been a long journey, I must admit. In the industry, you’re going to feel a lot of rejection, even more than you ever felt in your life. I grew up as a bullied person, so that’s definitely a lot to say. It’s like you’re finally good enough. And I don’t want to say that, because you can be an unsigned artist and still be good. But for my own personal insecurities, it was like finally someone sees my passion and my movement, and what specifically I want to do in the industry. That, to me, was just so special and amazing.

AXS: So you have more live shows coming up soon?
E.M.: Yeah, in July I’m touring with AJR, and in the fall I’m touring with MAX, so I’m excited. It’s my first long term tour, like a month and a half, so I’m excited! It’ll be fun, but I’m nervous.

AXS: What can your fans expect to see on your fall tour?
E.M.: Definitely a lot of fun! Me and my drummer are going to try to amp up the whole show for everybody. I’m getting new merch, so i’m excited for people to be wearing and displaying the Rozes goods. Yeah, just new music, and powerful performance I guess.

AXS: What city are you most looking forward to playing?
E.M.: I’ve never explored outside of LA in California, or outside of San Diego or Sacramento, so I’m excited to do San Luis Obispo. That sounds really fun to me.

AXS: Do you have a favorite city that you’ve played so far?
E.M.: My hometown, I think. There’s just nothing like playing a venue that you grew up going to, and then seeing your friends actually coming out to see you, and fans come to see you. So yeah, my favorite city has been Philly.

AXS: Can you share anything about yourself that your fans might not know?
E.M.: I guess that I’m quite shy. I tend to come off a bit, for lack of better word, bitchy. I’m not the person who’s all “Hey!” I’m kind of just very insecure in that way. So I guess that.

AXS: I have to ask you about your rose tattoo, what inspired that?
E.M.: I was searching because I wanted the right rose, and I did a lot of search on artwork and I found this one. It was just perfect.
AXS: And of course it goes along with the name!