First live performance of 'Stranger Things' soundtrack announced

“Stranger Things,” Netflix’s series that serves as an ode to the 1980s and the heady days of tin Snack Pack containers, has revealed that everyone is really, really into moody and atmospheric synthwave scores. Yes, while Top 40 radio and curated playlists have bombarded music listeners with waves of bland, middle-of-the-road pop, what the masses have secretly desired all along is imitation Tangerine Dream and John Carpenter sounds.

With that in mind, this Friday, Netflix aims to capitalize on those demands by releasing the first volume of the soundtrack and today, it’s been revealed that the authors behind the soundtrack are set to premiere it live. Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein (half of the band S U R V I V E), are booked to appear at the Unsound Festival in Kraków, Poland. The website for Unsound states that “the live performance of the ‘Stranger Things’ soundtrack also connects with the dark side of sound and film present at Unsound since the 2010 Horror edition, making resonant historical sense.”

The duo has not announced plans for future “Stranger Things” performances, but given the chord the show has struck, you can bet that they’re likely on the way.

(via Pitchfork)