Five things to do at Panorama Festival (besides listening to music)

Panorama Music Festival will celebrate its second year in New York City this upcoming weekend. Starting on Friday, thousands of fans from the surrounding New York Metro area and beyond will pack Randall’s Island for three straight days of music with rare festivals sets from artists including Frank Ocean, Tame Impala, Nine Inch Nails and A Tribe Called Quest to name a few.

While fans spend their hard earned dollars watching and listening to some of biggest names in live entertainment perform, there’s much more to Panorama for attendees to experience throughout the three days than just the music. Like many festivals these days, fans want more than just a concert included in the ticket price, they want an immersive experience to help them retreat from the stress of everyday life, especially in a concrete zoo like New York City.

So for fans getting ready to attend this year’s Panorama, or for those still deciding on whether or not to buy a ticket, here are some entertaining ways to have fun at the festival aside from just listening to the music.

Enjoy the benefits of corporate sponsors
Corporate sponsors and partnerships have become a staple in music festivals and live entertainment. While some festival purists see them as their favorite events selling out, in reality they’re carefully planned out for brands to offer a better experience for attendees. It’s worth noting that they usually hand out free schwag, subscriptions and often offer ways to get out of the heat or cool down with some food or drink samples. Bud Light, American Express, Toyota, Bai, Califia Farms and Barefoot Wine will all have a presenee on site at Panorama, and will more than likely be offering fans something or someplace to make their weekend more enjoyable. Instead of hating on it, take advantage of what they have to offer. Relax, unwind and enjoy some free stuff! 

Get Political
Some might say they music and politics don’t belong together, but in reality, fans now live in a time where social awareness and community involvement are a pretty hot subject. Panorama, like many festivals, will be welcoming HeadCount to their grounds this year. The non-profit organization utilizes events like Panorama to educate young fans on how to get involved in community service and volunteer for social change both locally and around the country. They also offer a quick and easy way to register for voting. There are no political agendas here, just an opportunity to educate one's self. 

Check out the vinyl
Goldenvoice’s flagship west coast event in Coachella offers fans a pop-up record store to buy some awesome vinyl from their favorite artists playing the festival and beyond. Panorama is no different this year, and has teamed up with the city’s largest record store in Rough Trade to “feature the latest and greatest vinyl, exclusives, Rough Trade totes, artists signings and more.” Sift through some vinyl or take home some signed merch! 

Get a makeover
It’s going to get hot outside, and after a few days of dancing and partying in the heat, one’s physical appearance may take a beating. No worries, Panorama will be welcoming Sephora on site to help fans cool down and touch up a bit before going back out in the heat. The popular cosmetics store will offer an air-conditioned, wifi-enabled experience for fans to enjoy beauty and braid bars, a mask lounge and even a “sensorial fragrance experience.” 

Cool down by the pool
Macy’s will be on site at Panorama for their poolside lounge, giving tired and sweaty fans a place to chill out and relax after they’ve just spent the past few hours dancing the day away. In addition to providing a free charge of the old cell phone, the lounge will also be offering giveaways and photo opportunities for that Instagram-worthy outfit you spent all week putting together.

For more information on all the non-musical activities taking place at Panorama, as well as where to buy tickets, click here.