Flaming Lips and Mac DeMarco will cover each other for split EP ahead of upcoming tour

Superficially, The Flaming Lips and Mac DeMarco may seem like an odd couple. Nevermind, they’re certainly an odd couple. The Lips are a psychedelic rock band who put on dazzling spectacles that you won’t soon forget, while Mac is a laid back garage rock hero who tells it like it is. But if you delve into each group’s past you can see the family resemblance. Their juxtaposing styles yet familial ties make it all the more exciting that the two acts are teaming up for a tour, and even more exciting, an EP where each will cover the other’s material for a perfect blend of opposites. 

As Pitchfork reported, Lips frontman Wayne Coyne announced via Instagram that his band and “the Mac DeMarco afternoon delight ensemble” ( a more laid back moniker we could not think of) are swapping spit so to speak in covering each other’s songs for the new EP. An immediate parallel you might draw is each group’s inventiveness. You can check out Wayne’s IG post below, which features a video of The Lips working on Mac’s Salad Days track “Chamber of Reflection.” We can't wait to see what Mac is going to cover.

The Flaming Lips and Mac DeMarco kick off their co-headline tour on Sept. 17 in St. Paul, MN. Follow this link to browse AXS for tickets to select Flaming Lips & Mac DeMarco dates.