Flamingosis flies into Denver's Gothic Theatre in early 2019

New Jersey-based producer, DJ and beatboxer Flamingosis--aka Aaron Velasquez--has announced a show at Denver’s Gothic Theatre for early 2019. Velasquez heads to the Gothic on Friday, Feb. 8. $12 early bird tickets will be available while supplies last. You can find ticketing info to Flamingosis at the Gothic Theatre on AXS by following this link.

Velasquez’s interesting moniker comes not from a neighbor’s gawdy front yard, but it was the name of a freestyle frisbee move his father--a five-time freestyle frisbee champion--came up with. Velasquez blends a number of old-school genres from hip-hop and funk to disco and electronic to form a style all his own. 

2016 was a prolific year for the young producer. Flamingosis released a whopping four full-lengths that year: To the Heir, Bright Moments, Pleasure Palette and Kahunastyle. Most recently Velasquez released a remix of Khruangbin's "Evan Finds The Third Room.” You can listen above.

Don’t miss your chance to catch Flamingosis when he comes to Denver’s Gothic Theatre on Feb. 8.