Fleetwood Mac coming to T-Mobile Arena fall 2018
Fleetwood Mac/YouTube

Iconic classic-rock band Fleetwood Mac is hitting the road yet again this fall, and they've announced a stop at Vegas' T-Mobile Arena.

The band will roll through on Friday, Nov. 30. Tickets are on sale now right here on AXS, ranging from $69.50 to $229.50. Meet-and-greet packages and AXS Premium seating options are also available.

While the band's previous tour saw the return of Christine McVie, resulting in the full lineup back onstage, this one will be without guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, who was kicked out of the band after a disagreement over when to tour. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers guitarist Mike Campbell will take on the role as Fleetwood Mac's guitarist for the tour.

"Words like ‘fired’ are ugly references as far as I’m concerned," founding member Mick Fleetwood said about the situation. "This was not a happy situation for us in terms of the logistics of a functioning band. To that purpose, we made a decision that we could not go on with him. Majority rules in term of what we need to do as a band and go forward … There’s no doubt that my instincts, for better or worse, have always been to gravitate towards going forward."

Former romantic partner Stevie Nicks also chimed in, saying, "We were supposed to go into rehearsal in June and he wanted to put it off until November [2019. I just did 70 shows [on a solo tour]. As soon as I finish one thing, I dive back into another. Why would we stop? We don’t want to stop playing music. We don’t have anything else to do. This is what we do."

Instead, Buckingham will embark on a tour of his own in support of a new compilation album due out Oct. 5, just a few days after Fleetwood Mac hits the road. Fleetwood Mac's tour will continue into 2019, while Buckingham's will wrap up in December.