Folk-artist Laura Brehm streams full EP, shares new video
Produced by CinemaRaven

Amassing a large social media following, folk singer-songwriter, Laura Brehm, has released her very first solo EP, out today, titled Breathe.

The EP is released via Electric Bird Records. Brehm is widely known in the EDM community for her collaborations, including "Monody" with The FatRat. "Monody" received over 37 million views on YouTube.

Many of her releases have landed in the top charts, including top of the Hype Machine Popular Chart, iTunes Dance Charts, and Spotify Viral 50. 

With her solo project, Brehm focuses on her softer side with a folk-pop sound that reminds fans of Ellie Goulding, Imogen Heap and Colbie Caillat. Today, Brehm is sharing the official music video for her original and title track of her EP, "Breathe," which is a beautiful and dreamy treat.

Her music crosses several genre boundaries. Laura will be releasing an EP mix soon, featuring Ephixa, Elliot Berger, and many more. 

While explaining her debut EP to AXS, she says that "in light of my new self-produced alternative/folk EP, I wanted to create a visual aspect to the title track 'Breathe.'  It portrays a situation that many of us can relate to; being so in love that life feels like a dream, having that shattered when the relationship is over, and then learning how to let go, and breathe."

Furthermore, the video and single for "the title track on the EP is a melancholy love song that expresses the challenges of getting past losing a significant other. The deep pain of this loss of love feels so extreme that it’s hard to breathe. A false sense of hope for the future and reminiscing about the good days are a way of this person distracting themselves from the cold truth; they are just getting through the days. This person is still in love and still very much inspired by their past lover, however, the relationship is no longer part of the present and they have to live through the pain and keep going. It’s as simple as just telling yourself to keep breathing every day and letting all of the emotions to be felt," Brehm explains to AXS.

Check out her beautiful video at the top of this article, and keep up with her music and events here