Foo Fighters announce new lead singer in parody 'break up video'
Foo Fighters

The Foo Fighters are apparently the greatest band of pranksters ever...literally. Break up rumors have been circulating around the band for days, thanks in large part to post by Page Six. It alleged that vocalist Dave Grohl and drummer Taylor Hawkins had tension between them and that Grohl was looking to go solo permanently. A "source" told the gossip site that "the band is billing it as a ‘break,’ but it’s totally Dave going solo, and Taylor is pissed about it." Most people thought it was just hearsay until the Foo Fighters posted a vague and cryptic status on their social media accounts that read "Official band announcement tomorrow night. Stay tuned." That turned the internet into a firestorm of media frenzy, leaving everyone to speculate as to whether there was really something to the break up rumors.

Thankfully they turned out to be just that - rumors. Not only did Foo Fighters clear everything up but they did it in the best way possible. The group created a seven minute video in which Dave Grohl does decide to quit and start an electronica solo career, leaving the rest of the band to search for a new lead singer. While there seem to be many good choices like Justin Bieber and Prince, former 98 Degrees member Nick Lachey happens to be the only one who actually shows up to audition. He goes on to sing a halfway decent rendition of "Everlong" with the band, albeit with way more of the pop style in his voice. Obviously the band has a sense of humor about it all and they want the rest of the world to laugh along with them. After we stop laughing we can all breathe a sigh of relief!