Former Killers guitarist Dave Keuning announces solo album, discusses break from band
Dave Keuning/YouTube

The Killers surprised their fans back in August 2017 when the well-known rock band announced that guitarist Dave Keuning and bassist Mark Stoermer would not be joining them on their world tour in promotion of their then-not-yet-released studio album, Wonderful Wonderful. On Friday, a little over a year following the announcement of Keuning’s absence from their tour, the former Killers guitarist announced his forthcoming debut solo album in addition to sharing its lead single, “Restless Legs.”

Keuning’s solo studio debut will be titled Prismism, and the 14-track album is scheduled to arrive early next year on Jan. 25 via Thirty Tigers. The light-sounding new single can be heard in full in its equally entertaining music video seen above. Keuning may not have recorded the album with his Killers bandmates, but from the opening notes, you can hear the similarity between the two musical worlds with a synth-heavy intro and a gradually building opening first verse. Keuning’s vocals stand out with a firmness and confidence required for a debut solo album after having a talented voice like Brandon Flowers to play behind for the past 15 years. The video’s doll-house, paper cut-out character theme definitely aids the track in keeping the experience loose and fun, while melodically attractive.

The new material was mostly written in the year Keuning took off from playing with the band, although he’s still technically a member. The guitarist spoke openly about his reasons for temporarily parting ways with The Killers in a new interview with NME to go with the premiere for “Restless Legs.”

“This album is me doing everything, and doing it at home and calling all the shots because I always wanted to call the shots,” he told the British music publication. “With The Killers, you have to compromise with three other people and everybody wants a song to be something different and maybe the music to be a different direction.”

Keuning also goes on to admit that the temporary departure from the band came mostly from his inability to commit to such a long touring schedule, but didn't rule out playing live with them again sometime down the road. According to Keuning, The Killers are in the what he calls the “very, very early stages of making the next record,” and he would still like to be involved in the project in some capacity.