Foster The People's celeb crushes, iPad playlists and more

A lot of people don't seem to remember or even realize that musicians may be celebrities, but they are still real people and need to be taken as such. When Foster The People shows up on stage at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, they're going to entertain and bring fun to so many people, but they are going to have just as much fun because they're just like us.

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Foster The People began back in California in 2008, and consists of Mark Foster, Cubbie Fink and Mark Pontius.

Foster had struggled for years to become successful in the world of music and even tried to be a commercial jingle writer, but it just wasn't working. Finally, the group released a song called "Pumped Up Kicks." It went viral, and their name was showing up all over the place.

By working their way through small club shows and appearing at big-time music festivals (SXSW and Coachella), Foster The People started gaining star status, but they want people to remember something. Remember that they are just everyday guys who happen to be famous.

Just like you or me or anyone, the boys of Foster The People have had their celebrity crushes. Sure, they may be a step closer than us in possibly making them happen, but everyone has them. They are showing their age a little bit though as Keri Russell and Melissa Joan Hart from "Felicity" and "Clarissa Explains It All" were some of their crushes.

Also, believe it or not, musicians don't just listen to their own music.

The iPad playlists don't just include their own songs but knowing that Donna Summer and Merle Haggard are on the lists of Foster The People shows that their influences come from all walks of musical life.

For fans that aren’t able to make it to New Orleans, the AXS Mobile App presented by Verizon will live stream performances on Saturday, April 26 and Sunday, April 27, for a total of six free mobile performances. The AXS app is available in the App Store on iTunes or on Google Play right now.