FOXTRAX release new song 'Lonely Man On The Island,' announce 2018 March dates

New York-based rockers Foxtrax have shared a lively but isolating new single titled “Lonely Man On The Island.” The track was shared late last week, just in time for the start of their busy month where they’ll be playing for fans down in Austin throughout SXSW. The arrival of the new rock tune acts as their first official release of 2018, following a year where the band shared a trio of stand-alone singles in “Grey Morning,” “Nothing Lasts Forever” and “Everything’s Changing.”

The artwork for “Lonely Man On The Island” can be seen in the audio-only video for the song above and sticks with the gloomy, but not quite colorless theme which was also evident with its 2017 predecessors. Perhaps the use of a melancholy-like color scheme for the single is just the band’s attempt to channel the uncharted emotional territory that is engulfing pop culture’s shared mood these days. According to Foxtrax singer Ben Schneid, the lyrical messages behind “Lonely Man” are equally as dismal, but not necessarily lifeless.

“This song chronicles the story of a man who is the only survivor in a plane crash," Schneid admitted to Billboard. "He subsequently gets stranded on an island and just freaks out! I think it speaks more deeply to a feeling we have at times. It peeks inside the mind of someone who feels stranded and alone."

The band members themselves won’t have to feel stranded much longer, as they’re headed down to the heart of Texas later this week for a run of gigs around Austin for SXSW. The four shows will then be followed by a stand-alone Los Angeles concert on March 26. Fans should assume that more new music and tour news from Foxtrax is on the way to be announced at some point later this year.

The band’s recent stop at the AXS headquarters included a live rooftop performance and a quick interview about some of their latest releases. Video highlights of the rooftop Patio Session and interview can be watched below.

Foxtrax Spring Tour Dates:
March 12 - Austin, TX - Media Temple SXSW Showcase
March 14 - Austin, TX - Bandsintown Big Break Artist Showcase
March 16 - Austin, TX - Balcony TV Showcase
March 17 - Austin, TX - Quantum Collective Southwest Invasion at Whole Foods Market Rooftop (main Stage)
March 26 - Los Angeles, CA - School Night at Bardot Hollywood