Franco Escamilla to stop through Arlington Theatre during 2017 world tour Por la Anécdota
Franco Escamilla

Stand-up comedy is taking the center spotlight again thanks to the latest trailblazing comedian emerging in global news. Latin comedian Franco Escamilla is a powerhouse stand-up comic emerging as a global star on the live concert circuit. Escamilla is known for his unique characters and high energy performances leaving fans thoroughly entertained. His fans range from Mexico, USA and around the world. Fans frequently watch and share his high energy comedic videos laced with witty sarcasm and dark humor in skits.

Escamilla writes and delivers his skits with the ease of a gifted writer and performer. Escamilla’s charisma translates from his engaging social media fan base across to concert fans who flock out to attend his live stand up gigs. In addition to his solid comedic talent, Escamilla is a talented musician, speaker and host. As a comedic improviser, he has an overflowing reservoir of creative comedy skits playing various characters during his stand-up shows that leave fans anticipating his next joke. Escamilla is a master of comedic sarcasm. His global appeal reflects in his various concert appearances in Mexico, Latin America Europe, Japan, and Australia. Escamilla is scheduled to make a special engagement appearance in California in November. He is set to appear at the Arlington Theatre in Santa Barbara during his official global tour, “Por la Anécdota.” 

Tickets are on sale now. Check out tickets and information on Escamilla’s upcoming live show here.