Frank Zappa will return to head out on tour in 2018 as a hologram

The estates of numerous rock stars and performers who have passed away recently have been saying it, but it looks like Frank Zappa may be the first notable American artist who will head out on a full tour as a hologram next year. The news of Frank’s semi-return comes via an announcement from Eyellusion, the company who was also responsible for bringing the image of Ronnie James Dio back to life last year at the Wacken Open Air metal festival in Germany.

Zappa, who passed away back in 1993 from cancer, still has a loyal following thanks to his groundbreaking styles of fusion and experimental rock throughout his career. Zappa Family Trust, who handles the late artist's’ career posthumously sound like they could not be more excited to bring their former relative back to life in a musical and somewhat sci-fi kind of way.

"I'm thrilled that Frank Zappa will finally be going back out on tour playing his most well-known music as well as some rare and unheard material," said Ahmet Zappa, one of the co-Trustees. “To see Dweezil side by side with our father playing dueling guitar solos? That would be my greatest wish and I look forward to bringing this special celebration of Frank's legacy to a town near you.”

According to Thursday’s announcement, the development for the Zappa shows will begin later this year, and official concert dates are set to be revealed sometime in 2018. When the hologram does end up heading out on tour, it won’t be alone. The producers are looking to recruit some of Frank’s old friends and collaborators to join him on stage, similar to Snoop Dogg’s duet with a hologram of Tupac Shakur at Coachella a few years ago. Living artists including Steve Vai and Adrian Belew, as well as former Zappa bandmates including Ian Underwood, Arthur Barrow, Scott Thunes and Denny Walley have all committed to taking part in the live performances in one way or another.

Jeff Pezzuti, the CEO of Eyelusion, also added, “We are music lovers first and can't wait to get to work on yet another show that lets fans experience such timeless and important music in a live concert setting."

More information about the upcoming Frank Zappa hologram project can be found by clicking here.