'French Elvis' Johnny Hallyday dies at 74
JOhnny Hallyday Officiel / YouTube

Legendary French rock star Johnny Hallyday died on Dec. 6 at the age of 74. Billboard reported that the musical sensation, known as the "French Elvis" had reportedly been in the hospital since Nov. 17 due to respiratory difficulties. He was also undergoing lung cancer treatments.

Hallyday was a unique musician in France, one of the country's only real rock stars. He started out his career in 1959 and hit it big originally thanks to his French-language covers of popular rock songs as well as his own deep catalog of original rock music tracks.

While many fans outside of France consider Hallyday a household name, he worked as long and consistently as other rock stars of his era such as Mick Jagger. However, in France, he was an icon and reportedly sold over 80 million albums in his home country alone. Much like Jagger, Hallyday was a rock star on and off the stage, living the same fast life that many stars of his era enjoyed.

Over his 57-year rock and roll career, Hallyday had 18 platinum albums, although none of them ever ranked on the U.S. Billboard charts. His most recent album hit in 2015 with De l'amour, which ranked 36th in France. His most recent No. 1 album came in 2008 with Ça n'finira jamais