French producer Danger brings live set to San Francisco
DANGER - 1789 Records

July, 20, 2017, on a relatively quiet Thursday evening at 1015 Folsom in San Francisco, something special was brewing in the basement. You wouldn’t think that any shows were happening due to the minimal presence outside of the club, but that was because everyone was crammed in the basement waiting to experience the mystery and majesty of French synth producer Danger.

While the resident “Turbo Drive” DJs manned the decks in the early hours of the night, sufficiently priming the audience down below for their main course, Danger laid in waiting. Waiting for just the right time to emerge from the shadows and blow the crowd away with his mixture of heavy bass, and retro sounding synths patterns. 

As the final track from Danny Delorean wound down, a hooded figure appeared behind the side booth. Dressed in all black wearing his signature full-face hood paired with a glowing set of googles, Danger looked like a futuristic anti-hero that was sent back to the past to usher in a new era of Synthwave.  

Starting his set off with “7:17” from his new album 太鼓 (Taiko), which translates to “Drum” in Japanese. Danger ramped up the night with some of the loudest bass and crunchy synths that the city by the bay has ever heard.  Working through a collection of tracks from his past EPs including the ever so popular “4:30” and his latest single “19:00” featuring Tasha The Amazon.

Although Danger had to deal with some technical issues early on where his monitors went out (forcing him to break character and remove his glove just long enough to text his sound guy) and the ever increasing heat that had him removing his jacket about halfway through his set, Danger managed to crush his 90 minute set without missing a beat.  Definitely keep an eye out for Danger in the months to come, as his Monsterous beats are sure to put him front and center at major festivals sooner than later.

Danger will be finishing up his North American tour on Saturday night at the Roxy in Los Angeles (click here for tickets).