From food to fandom, your complete guide to Carolina Rebellion 2017
Carolina Rebellion

Approaching faster than a breakneck guitar riff, Carolina Rebellion is almost upon us. Bags are packed, accommodations booked and your ‘call-in-sick-to-work Friday’ script is overly rehearsed. With the leg work done, you’re set to revel in the three-day rockgasm that is Carolina Rebellion.  

Wait, what? You haven’t been stalking, er, researching friends’ or the fest’s feeds for all the need-to-know info.? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve got all the answers to your Carolina Rebellion questions (except for the one via email about what to do when your two dates cross paths). So without further ado, we’ll start with you, there, in the leopard print tank top.

Who are the headliners?

You did buy your tickets, right? The final countdown to the fest is on and you’re not sure who’s headlining the 7th annual Carolina Rebellion?

What had happened was…

Yeah, I get it – no worries. Soundgarden headlines Friday (May 5), Def Leppard tops the bill Saturday and Avenged Sevenfold wraps up Sunday’s roster.  

How many other bands are playing?

More than you can shake a stick at (and it’s a big stick). Seriously though, you can see more than 60 bands across four stages – click here for some of our top picks.  Next question – you in the back, with the skull tattoo.

When are the bands that I want to see playing?

That’s an easy one. Click on this sweet guide here, with all official Carolina Rebellion set-times, broken down by day and stage. Now, who’s curious about food options? (No, you can’t live on beer alone.)

Bummer. I guess then I am. I’m vegetarian but my girlfriend….

Enough said….Rebellion’s Pig Out Village offers a little something for everyone – from gourmet mac and cheese options, to BBQ, wood fired pizza, doughnuts, candied bacon, and other treats, carnivores and vegans will have plenty of options . Click here for more grub details. Next?

My friend has a V.I.P. wristband - and can re-enter the festival - but I don’t. Since I can’t go out to my car and come back in, how will I charge my phone? How will I post my pics? How will I…

Don’t fret, my pet. Lockers with phone chargers – complete with cables – are available to rent. Stuff your sweatshirt in there – you’ll need one once the sun goes down – and sunblock, so your hands will be free to throw all those horns. What else? You sir, in the bandana – you’ll need that to cover your face once the dust and dirt kicks up, trust me.

My buddy met some of the bands and even got his vinyl signed last year. How can I be so lucky?

No luck needed, my friend. In addition to awesome music, Carolina Rebellion features several festival experiences, including FYE’s artist meet and greet. I just happen to have the schedule for it here. And if you forget to pack your wax or CD for signing, you can purchase one there.

Sweet. Oh, hey – what time does the campground open, where do we park and can we make a campfire? I really like making S’mores.

Head on over to this link. You’ll find all the camping info. you need there, and in the packet that arrived in the mail.

The mail?

Yup, that thick envelope wasn’t the cable bill.

[mic drop]

Stay tuned to for continuing coverage of Carolina Rebellion 2017.