With Panorama week upon us, here are some last minute pointers for attendees ready to take one of New York City's premiere summer events. 

With Panorama week upon us, here are some last minute pointers for attendees ready to take one of New York City's premiere summer events. 


It’s officially the week of Panorama Music Festival 2017, and tens of thousands of music fans are finalizing their plans for enjoying one of the premiere live events on the east coast starting in just a few days. From A Tribe Called Quest’s first full hometown concert since 2013, to the city’s biggest record store selling vinyl at their pop-up shop located on site, Panorama will have just about anything that a music fan could possibly want out of a festival.

As Friday approaches, ticket holders will begin flocking to New York City for the three day event, but before any notes beginning blaring out of the PA hanging from the Panorama Stage, here are a few pointers that may help answer any unanswered questions or concerns that fans may have as the weekend quickly approaches.

What can/should I bring into the festival?
New York City has its own unique set of laws, dress codes and curfew limits. While the city that never sleeps may seem like an inviting time to push some societal boundaries, attendees must abide by the Festival’s prohibited items list. At the same time, fans are also encouraged to bring items including blankets, Camelbacks (empty of course) and Ear plugs to name a few. Click here to see a list of all acceptable and prohibited items that fans should and shouldn’t bring with them into the festival.

What are the lunch/dinner options?
Thankfully Panorama takes place in arguably the greatest foodie capital of the world. Fans of all culinary preferences from carnivores to vegans will have a full Smorgasburg (it’s a New Yorker thing) of food and drink to choose from. Click here to see a full listing of food and beverage options on site for fans to pick from.

Is downloading the Festival App really worth it?
If you want notifications for any updated schedule changes, your own interactive map, a customized schedule with reminders, info on the artist whose set you’re walking towards and more, then yes, the official Panorama app is probably worth downloading for the weekend.

How do I get there?
The festival takes place on Randall’s Island. That’s not a fancy NYC name for an event space or anything, it’s an actual island. So unless you’re planning on Michael Phelps-ing your way across the East River (please don’t) fans can pick from taking a ferry, a shuttle, a bus, or subway-to-walking bridge to get onto the island. Click here to see a full list of ways to get to and from the event each day.

If I’m staying in New York City (or nearby) how does one use the city’s mass transit?
Don’t let all the constantly changing schedules, millions of commuters and multi-colored subway lines confuse you. Navigating your way around the city can be very easy with the help of the MTA - the city’s public transportation system. For those who don’t trust the New York City subway (we don’t blame you) there’s always Uber or the good old yellow cab to chauffeur your way around the city’s five boroughs.

Where’s the after-party?
New York is the city that never sleeps, so of course there are plenty of bars, restaurants and night clubs throughout the five boroughs that will be open until the morning sun comes up. Don't party too hard though, as you really should be conserving your energy for the festival. So we recommend trying out some of these great, late-night food spots around the city for a bite to eat before bed. You’re stomach, feet and liver will thank you.

Should I visit Times Square while I’m in the area?
If you feel going out of your way to visit the most heavily congested intersection in the country, then sure, go for it. If not, we’d recommend avoiding the tourist haven at all costs. Besides, you'll have plenty of fun at the festival without being harassed by a makeshift, DIY Disney character

For any additional questions, visit the general info section of the Panorama website. Otherwise, all that’s left is to activate your wristband! Be sure to check back with AXS.com for complete coverage of one of New York City’s best musical events of the summer.