From transportation to food, your complete guide to Firefly Music Festival 2018

To Wayne and Garth, Delaware is in the middle of nowhere. But to attendees of this weekend's Firefly Music Festival, Delaware is in the middle of everywhere.

With respect to the good people living in The First State, Delaware's culture (and even location) is something of a mystery to those of us living elsewhere. However, in June during the past six years, Firefly has brought the biggest names in the world of music to the Small Wonder state. Given the central location of The Woodlands in Dover, it's no wonder that music fans in Philly, Baltimore and The DMV have responded by making Firefly one of the most successful festivals to launch this decade.

With a diverse lineup that includes everyone from rock favorites The Killers and Arctic Monkeys, to sets from rap Gods Eminem and Kendrick Lamar and dance stars Martin Garrix and ODESZA, Firefly's 2018 roster might be the best yet. Here's everything you need to know as you head out to The Woodlands this weekend:

Transportation and lodging options

Because of its aforementioned geographic convenience, there are a number of ways to make the run out to Dover International Speedway. Driving is always an option and even if you're not parking your car at a camp spot, you can leave your vehicle for the day or even overnight. However, there are also shuttle buses running from New York, Washington, Philadelphia and more, making it easy to haul your camping gear, whether or not you own a car. For transportation details and upgrades, click here and follow this link for on-and-off-site lodging options.

Food puns

Given the context of the line in "Lose Yourself," Mom's Spaghetti might not be the most appetizing pregame meal ahead of Eminem's Saturday night set. However, the pop-up restaurant--which Em debuted in Detroit last year before bringing it to Coachella this April--will once again be offering up the pasta favorite at Firefly (meatballs, and nervous stomachs, are optional).

That's just the tip of a Firefly food pyramid that also includes NYC staples Taiyaki and Shake Shack, along with regional favorites like Ekiben and Grotto Pizza. Follow this link for a full list of food options.

Tons of bands

This may sound redundant given that Firefly features four days of music, but there are a TON of artists at this festival. As in, eight stages and nearly 14-hours-a-day-worth-of-music artists. As such, you'll definitely want to plan ahead (check out the full set times here) but you also may want to remind your friends who are waffling about joining you that a limited number of single-day tickets are still available. Plan accordingly, because one day at Firefly is like going to a dozen shows.

Maximum Chill

As we just mentioned, you COULD go hard and pack 50 sets into your weekend. But most likely, you'll need a little downtime and here's where Firefly really shines (pun intended). If you want to wind down with a craft beer (like those made by Delaware's own Dogfish Head), there's The Brewery. If you need to wake up with some coffee (and music), there's The Coffee House. If you need some supplies (and/ or merch), there's The Market. This is to say nothing of the relaxing oasis of The Nook, the headphone dance parties in The Thicket or the splendor of The Pathway. To learn more about all the amenities The Woodlands offer, click here.

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