From U2 to streaming, your complete guide to Bonnaroo 2017
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It's finally here! Bonnaroo 2017 officially starts today. Now that you have carefully prepared, pitched your tent, and figured out how to get around The Farm, it's time to start enjoying the wild experience. If you still have questions, we will be doing our best to answer them in this handy FAQ.

Who should I go see?
With over ten stages and one of the biggest lineups of the year, you haven't figured out who you came down here to see?! That's ok, we can get you sorted out. While following your ears is always a great approach, checking out our rundown of the 5 best acts, or the more complete daily lineup rundown, can get you prepared to not miss out on anyone you'll regret not seeing later. The Bonnaroo website has a complete listing of set times and performers.

How can I make my own custom schedule to keep track of all this?
You're going to want to check out your phone's app store and download the official Bonnaroo app. There, you can customize a schedule and view the complete lineup. Be sure to download the app before you go down to The Farm to avoid data charges or super slow cell service.

What songs are U2 going to play?
You'll just have to ask Bono that one, or stick with us for coverage to find out what U2, and all of the other hot bands playing this year, wind up pulling off on stage.

What about when I'm tired of listening to music?
Are you sure a music festival is the right place for you then? No worries, Bonnaroo has plenty of other stuff to do. Be sure to check out the various art exhibits set up across the grounds, cool down with a ride on the water slide, catch one of the awesome parades, or even learn about sustainable activities in Planet Roo.

My friends couldn't make it down to the festival, how can they watch along with me from home?
There's still time to drag them down to join you! Not budging? Ok, they're in luck - Bonnaroo has teamed up with Red Bull TV this year to stream the top performances all weekend long. Viewers can tune it at or a personal device using the Red Bull TV app. So far, the only headliner to be confirmed streaming is Red Hot Chili Peppers, but that could always change.

Speaking of food, what will there be to eat?
Part of the fun of Bonnaroo is all the exciting food you can try. From the planet-friendly options like the waste free Roo Cafe, to perennial staple the meat lover's Hamageddon, something exists here for everyone. A selection of gourmet food trucks will be lined up for your perusal in the Food Truck Oasis, so check out a complete list of food offerings here.

How do I get there?
Wait, you aren't driving in and camping all weekend? Someone always has to be the odd man out... For those of you who just don't dig four days in a tent and are staying offsite, Bonnaroo has a day parking lot. You must have a Day Parking Pass in order to use the lot, otherwise you will be directed to car camping. Don't forget, your car has to be searched every time you enter and exit.

Last question - where is the ferris wheel?
I think you might need the festival map for this one. It will point you straight towards the ferris wheel, the food areas, and each stage. Have fun!