Funk favorites WAR and George Clinton teaming up for a pair of SoCal concerts

When George Clinton and WAR come together, it will be a funky good time indeed.

These two legendary acts shaped the modern-day definition of funk, and the fact that both are still going strong is a testament to the staying power of the genre. For funk fans living in Southern California, the two pioneers will be treated to a performance that will bring those who grew up with their music fond memories.

For those unfamiliar with WAR and George Clinton, here is a little historical context.

Clinton was the leader of two of the greatest funk bands of all time, Parliament, and Funkadelic. After shaping the sound in the ‘70s, financial issues forced Clinton to “disband” the bands in 1981 and undertake a solo career, one that is still going strong today. Recently, Clinton announced that Parliament will be releasing a record of new material this year.

Around the same time Clinton got his legendary funk bands up and going, a multicultural Long Beach, CA band was also beginning to make waves of funk. That band was WAR, who was formed in 1969 and has provided music with some terrific funk, including, but not limited to, the sunny “Why Can’t We Be Friends?”, the SoCal anthem “Low Rider.” and the festive “Cinco de Mayo.”

After 1983, WAR’s time in the studio became sporadic, but they never stopped performing. In late May, WAR along with Clinton will take SoCal by storm, first in Los Angeles and, then, moving their funky grooves up the Pacific Coast to Santa Barbara. Tickets will be in demand, and the shows are guaranteed to sell out, which is why fans of the funk should check out the ticket information below and snatch theirs up, ASAP.

May 26 -- Los Angeles, CA -- The Greek Theatre (Click here for tickets)
May 27 -- Santa Barbara, CA -- Santa Barbara Bowl (Click here for tickets)